Spear Shot Dispenser with 5 Glasses Pack Premium Quality Hard Plastic Liquid Pourer and Holder - Durable Stainless Steel Glass Smart Gadget Multiple Shots for Party Fiesta Holiday with Family Friends


  • 2-in-1 Design: This ingenious drink dispenser is going to be your must-have cool item at all your parties; It's a 5 glasses cocktail pourer and a holder; It allows you to quickly fill evenly 5 shots at the same time, and carry them through the room, avoiding spills and waste;
  • Great Materials: Very convenient, durable, and practical, this shot dispenser set was made to last and to be reused to many cool fiestas; The dispenser features a timeless black design and is made of premium quality hard ABS, thicker, risk-free, odor-free, and lightweight; The glasses are made of stainless steel coated with black paint, risk-free to be used;
  • Time Saver: No one has to wait in line to get their shot glasses filled; Filling quickly multiple shot glasses at the same time for your friends, this dispenser allows you and your buddies to really enjoy the party, without being a waiter all the time;
  • Zero Waste: Your party is in full swing and you want to keep it that way? Add precision when filling the glasses of your guest with your new cocktail, using this smart drink dispenser; You will have full control, while cutting down on liquor, zero waste and spills on your furniture or floor; What's best is that it is super easy to use, even by clumsy hands;
  • Party Eye-catching Shot Buddy: Your unique fun liquid pourer device designed to spice up every party or gathering with family members and friends; Be the life of the next party with this 5-shot dispenser and holder;

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