Battleraddle Tactical Beer Mug, Solid Beer Mug for Outdoor Sports, Multifunctional Aluminum Detachable Carrying Battle Rail Mug


About this item

  • It is made of high quality aluminum alloy. The cup can store a variety of liquids. Safe and durable.
  • When camping or hunting, carry various collimators, tripods, flashlights, etc. suitable for pickup guide rails
  • It can store boiling water and cold water. Hot water up to 120 ℃ and cold water below 10 ℃ can be stored. And this kind of cup has good heat dissipation, and it is not easy to hurt the skin when the hot liquid contacts.
  • It can be directly loaded into or hung on the backpack. During the break, you can drink water and delicious beer directly from the glass
  • Size: 82x130x195mm, weight: 893g (31.50oz), capacity: 501-600ml

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