Battleraddle Flag Necklace Bottle Opener (FREE Gift)


  • THE ULTIMATE AMERICAN ACCESSORY FOR YOUR COMBAT RELATED GEAR. Do you love combat related gear? Do you collect American memorabilia? Do you want to show off your patriotism for America? Then this silver military combat dog tag necklace bottle opener in an American flag design is perfect for you! You can show your love for your country in different ways. You can even show it in small things such as having this dog tag military bottle opener that you can wear it anywhere you go.

  • BOTTLE OPENER ON-THE-GO! Have you had an experience where you need to open your favorite beverage and there is no bottle opener around? Such a bummer right? This dog tag bottle opener is very easy to use and you don’t have to exert much effort opening bottles. You can enjoy your favorite beverage whenever you want! You might be in the middle of a crowded event, on a quiet lake, or up in the mountains camping in the middle of nowhere, but you’ll always be ready to open any bottle, anytime!

  • UNIQUE GIFT. Finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a daunting task because you want to please the recipient of your gift. Why not give something that is useful and suit their taste? This dog tag necklace bottle opener is for everybody especially for those who love combat related accessories or are simply patriotic. This combat design bottle opener will definitely appeal to everyone. This is a unique gift that any man or woman would love to have and carry this gift wherever they go.

  • LIFE OF THE PARTY!Whenever there is a party happening,there will surely be bottles opening. You will be the life of the party with this military dog tag bottle opener. This unique accessory is a one of a kind item that not everybody will have. You will certainly stand out at any event. Everyone will think your bottle opener is a unique patriotic accessory. This will ensure that everybody will have a good time without guests having to worry about finding an opener to their bottles in a pinch.

  • SLIM AND DURABLE. This silver military dog tag necklace bottle opener in American flag design is like wearing class dog tag. It is made of high grade stainless steel that won’t easily bend, break or rust. This beverage bottle opener will last a long time with endless bottles to open. You don’t have to worry about it breaking or ruining it because it is made from quality material. What are you waiting for? Get this badass American flag dog tag bottle opener by Clicking Add to Cart Now!