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Battleraddle BULLETPROOF Energy Drink | Energy Without The Jitters | Support American Military Veterans | Original | 210mg Vitamin C | B-Vitamins | Taurine | Real Sugar | 12 fl oz. (Pack of 12)


  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE: BULLETPROOF Energy is a vehicle to support our military veterans and their families. BULLETPROOF is the only beverage to donate $0.05 per can to Military charities.
  • CEO, Bob Dohlke, is a military hero having flown 8,000 missions over 20+ years. Bob’s combat experience drives the company’s objective.
  • AN ENERGY DRINK WITHOUT THE JITTERS: BULLETPROOF provides consumers with energy without jitters and crashing
  • Packed with vitamins and minerals the body needs to function properly. B-Vitamins, Ginseng, Vitamin-C, Taurine.
  • BULLETPROOF is sold as a pack of 12 – 12fl oz / 355mL cans. Choose from Energy Cola, Original, Sugar free and mixed flavors.

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