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Battleraddle AR15 Battle Rail Beer Mug Cup Tactical Military Aluminum Alloy Detachable Carry


Size:  20cm x 7.5cm.

Product Name: Tactical promotion separating cup beer cup

Color: Black

Material: aluminum alloy

All aluminum anodizing products

Cup: 3 side pickup rails 20 mm

Lift handle: includes rear view mirror

Purpose: to facilitate your camping hunting for carrying all kinds of pickup guide sight, tripod, flashlight and so on, can be directly loaded into your backpack  in your backpack, when you need a break, can be directly used to drink beer and delicious cup

Product size: 82x130x195mm

Product net weight: 893g

Gross weight: 913g

Note: use a mild detergent and warm water before use, avoid using automatic dishwasher, because dishwasher detergent alkalinity is very high, strong alkaline solution will corrode off the anodize oxide film, and with the lapse of time, permanently damage the anodize oxide film

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